It’s hard to do justice to a testimonial, because Leadersway has transformed my life and our organization.  When I started down the path of Leadersway I had some things going wrong in my life.  Although on the surface I think it looked like things were great.  Aside from attending Leadersway sessions I also engaged in one-on-one coaching. The coaching made me admit to myself things I probably already knew but had to finally say out loud to someone else.  The coaching dug deep, into the places where I had been hiding.  It made me think about things differently, and over time I got better and changed.  It made me realize what I had control over, and that it was OK to say some things were just unacceptable.  I think it gave me confidence that I wasn’t broken.  Now, even still, it amazes me how we are so capable of continuing to grow and develop.

As an organization we went through some pretty tough things at the beginning of 2012.  It was very emotional and it was painful.  Without LeadersWay I probably would have left this company.  LeadersWay gave me the peace and strength to make it through and I am so glad that I did.  LeadersWay has changed our culture, noticeably.  Our employees are happy, they like each other.  Our sales team goes out of their way to help each other, they don’t fight over leads they share them!    When we worked on coming up with our why we exist statement, we asked people why they came in every day.  One of our employees said, “would it be bad to say, I love these people, they’re my friends?”  When people come here to interview, they talk about the energy in the office, it’s recognizable that our team likes their jobs and each other.


Even when we disagree, our employees are getting better at having tough conversations.  Many of them now won’t just walk by someone else’s bad behavior, they call each other out.  Even on our leadership team, we talk to each other when we don’t agree with how something was handled, we support each other, and that has made all of the difference.  Leadersway may be the best thing that ever happened to us, and to me personally.

- Caroly E. Hofstee, Chief Sales Officer, HUB International Midwest East

For almost 10 years, Kevin Wolfe and his LeadersWay concepts has been making a real and lasting difference in the lives of our colleagues.  His teachings are transformational and have been the catalyst for creating level 4 and level 5 leadership throughout our organization.  The richness in relationships with our clients, colleagues and family are directly attributed to the emotional, professional and leadership growth we have witnessed since working with Kevin.  Their energy, passion and emotional commitment to our people and organization is felt each and every day.

- Randall Koch, President, Hub International (Midwest East)

I have had the pleasure to engage with Kevin and Leaders Way in two separate companies where I was a member of leadership. The fact that Kevin and his team were effective in bringing positive change and growth in both my organizations underlines that their program can work regardless of your team, company size or unique challenges. Leaders Way teaches, coaches and inspires the participants to reach for more, accomplish more both as an individual and as a team. The results you get should be a more productive company, engaged teammates and a better work/life balance.

- Mark Gehman, VP Sales, 34 Degrees

When I think about the value that LeadersWay has brought our company, the most consistent themes that come to mind are the importance of lifelong continual learning and innovation.  Through thoughtful and probing conversation, and directed reading, Kevin has impacted us in profound ways.  He has an uncanny ability to focus our attention on removing impediments to growth and success.  I can honestly say that LeadersWay has been instrumental in guiding us along a path of fulfilling our goals of being an industry leader in our field.  Kevin has taught us that nothing is a given in business.  Success requires active engagement and a constant search for improvement in our processes to remain relevant and vital to our clients.

- Cory Creath

Leaders Way has had an incredible impact on many aspects of my life over the past nine years that I have worked with Kevin and his team.  Many leadership companies focus on “motivational” or “one and done” programs.  Leadersway focuses on the long term,  teaching  people the tools they need to create great relationships as well as manage and coach people to success.  What is even more unique about Leaders Way however is that virtually everything I have learned from leadersway I have been able to apply to not only my professional career, but my personal life as well!  My relationships with associates and customers have grown, and my realtionships with my wife and teenage children would be no where close to where they are today  without Leadersway.   Using their coaching techniques I have had the pleasure of seeing many of my direct reports grow into senior management positions and become great leaders themselves.  If you want to grow your business faster than your competitors, attract and retain the best talent while enjoying what you do,  Leaders Way  is a must for your organization.

- Dennis Pauls