Success, Delusion and Pursuit

We all want to experience “success” although that dangerous and addicting word has many different meanings depending on the person reading this article.  We all define and believe in our idea of “success”.  As we sacrifice balance, family, friends and sometimes our moral compass to achieve this addicting notion, we still pursue it. Yet, are we all just being fooled to believe that there is this place that success lays?  This mountain to climb to get to this mythical place where success might be.   Or are we stuck in the delusion that success is the only measure of accomplishment.  The harder we fight, the more fleeting success becomes.  So the question becomes, can we find balance in the delusion of success, can we look inwardly for the answers, instead of outwardly for the questions…  What would I be if I wasn’t……  It’s a question we often ask of ourselves when it comes to our work.  Yet the answer is always right in front of us.  The answer is the same, you would be you. Just you, nothing else, nothing more important that the idea of just you.  Doesn’t feel good does it?  It doesn’t have a fancy title, or a corner office, it doesn’t sound great on a business card, or on LinkedIn.  It doesn’t give us that rush of dopamine to the brain that makes us feel good.  How could “you” be enough?  How can that make any sense?  I need to be important, I need a title, money, things, cars, boats, followers to be successful.  I need all of those things to be me.


How about if I challenged you that you don’t “need” any of those things, how about if I told you that they are just a want.  Just like wanting a toy when we were little.  How about if we didn’t need and we looked at everything as a want.  How would your life look different?  Would you still be in pursuit of all the things? All the status, success that life has to offer you?  Would you give up as much of you as you do now?